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February 2009 they started the recording of their album ‘Echolocation’. A writing period of three years followed by a studio process of one year, with producer Jelle van der Voet as a steady background they produced and recorded the album at their home studios. Also attracting a variety of differently influenced musicians to fill in and add to their musical ideas. Mixed by Jelle van der Voet at the Motor Music Studio’s they released their album ‘Echolocation’ in April 2010.
Inspired widely from ‘’the Beatles’’ to ‘’the Doors’’ to "Queens of the Stone Age" their sound evolved into a nostalgic prog-pop-rock sound.


released April 12, 2010

Jan van Zoest
Jip van Zoest
Ivo Alblas
Tomas Stokman



all rights reserved


Duncan Idaho Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Four gents and one beautiful lady from Rotterdam, The Netherlands. In other words; Duncan Idaho. Label them as Alternative Rock, frequently crossing over to the danceable and exciting pop music of the good old days. Think Arctic Monkeys and The Strokes, but do not be surprised to catch a glimpse of Fleetwood Mac among other heroes back from the sixties and seventies. ... more

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Track Name: Backtracking
We’re heading back, follow up the track to a place we’ll be if we keep on walking down through the sad and up into the glad.

We’re heading on always tracking back in a trail we
passed a long way back through the life, living side by side.

We’re looking at a sight that is before us.
And we see
We feel that we are headed back the same way.
And we ache
Walking down upon the tracks we once left.
And we stall
Shouting to a place that is beyond us.
And we shut

Let’s say we do look the other way, we’re walking circles here, our goddamn life is downside up we go. From high through all-time low.

Where will it end? I’m just afraid to move! Ain’t it perfect here in our tracks? Our life embraced what our love reflects and I ain’t stopping.
Track Name: Without Further Ado
A change has run into me. Not heads on it just snuck up. It ain’t no snake it’s just a stop.

Without Further Ado
I’d like to take the time to present you
Without further ado
I’d like to take you to the end of the blue
Without further Ado
I’d like to say to you..

Life’s a masquerade.
(edahs eht ees ot nus neddih a)
This time it will not stand cause in the shade I’m just a man.
Track Name: Just Like You
I’m driving all night, hands fixed to the wheel.
Steerin’ it on, just by a feel. Taking a right, into the meadows. Where do we go? I guess nobody knows.

Oh god what’s that out there? A wanderer with no fate to despair. I’m on the road no E.T.A. The man is on and so am I today.

I’m driving on up,
I’m driving on down
There ain’t no way to stop.

I’m moving again, I had to stop for gas. I Think I’m blessed cause the sun it rises fast. The light it shines, falls on a new day. Never look back! I’ve come such a long way.

I’m driving on up.
I’m driving on down.
There ain’t no way to stop.
Track Name: Let's Take This
The day awakes like a ticking bomb. A ticking time bomb.. take it out of here! Another look at you, you’re so sincere.
Time keeps ticking as it never stops.
We wake up slow by the rain that drops.
Both silenced and seduced the day defused.

So.. time’s out. Explode.

Today I feel like the ticking bomb, a ticking time bomb pounding in my soul. Another look at you, you’re beautiful.
Time keeps ticking but the clock it stops. I wake up slow by the rain that drops. I’m silenced and I’m bruised. No drugs are used.

So.. time’s out. Explode.

Let’s take it all, I don’t want to put it all away. No time to hesitate. Let’s take this medication, I don’t want to put it all away. No time for hesitation, I don’t want to be the one to put it all away.
Track Name: Your Life Is Coming Up
Now don’t you say the web you’ve spun makes it so hard for you to run. Take a look outside instead of in and see your life has just begun.

So you’ll see your life is coming up now

Compose yourself and let it out. There’s just so much to laugh about! Take a look outside instead of in and see your life has just begun.

So you’ll see your life is coming up now
Track Name: Zenith
You’re troubled I would say. You’ve felt like this for oh so long. This feel just gets you up and down, like your heart beats in your chest.

The Sun will Shine On You

So, you never meant for this! You’re struck by it from oh so far. So, you had your ways for this oh yeah! But now it seems they’re flushed away.

Your thoughts are sealed, your feelings grey.
You never knew you’d feel this way.
The ups are short, the downs are long.
You still don’t differ right from wrong.
Track Name: Date With Destiny
So here I go! This is love and it ain’t nothing like the movies!
With tears that are fake and heartache. Nothing like that in our stories.
Do you really think it’s now or never? I ain’t really gonna stay forever!

If life aint nothing more than a script and a score I guess that you’re what I’m written for.
It’s time to shout it out.
It’s time to make a stand.
It’s time to make a choice.
It’s time for a date with destiny.

This love we once shared, it was us! It was never a deception.
Now I wonder why good things die. Once I lived without a question.
Track Name: Don't Want To Be Forgotten
I’m working hard now, doing the things I should do.
Getting no sympathy yet, still no words of respect.
Don’t want to be working all my life and to be forgotten when I’m gone. So when it’s time to pass away and I will say.

So I go. I’ve been here long enough.
This song is for my love when I’m away now
So I go. Nothing to despair.
Nothing to be scared when I’m away now.

Still running fast now, getting quite the knowhow.
Making every day count, make my old man be proud.
So when I’m laying on my back and it’s time to close my eyes.
I’ll be dreaming sky blue skies, and there ain’t nothing in disguise.

Leafs are falling, I hear rain drops calling.
Sounds of peace and motion and complete devotion.
I feel the rhythm of the winds crawling up into my spine.
Falling down up on the earth and flying high up in the sky.
Track Name: The Ocean
So, it goes.
I walk into the sea.

So, it goes.
I dive into The Ocean.
Track Name: Echolocation I
I’m sending out a cry, a sigh, a sound to reveal what’s underneath. Waiting for the sound to bounce right back to tell me what you feel.


Speak right thru the heart. A sound that falls apart.
A simple melody that finds its way back into me.

The sound that your heart reflects is not, not the sound I need. It’s just a simple lead with nothing in between the beats.
Track Name: Echolocation III; The Cry
Take a look. Take a try. Who are you? Who am I?

Find a way. Search the remains. I depend. Try again.

Cut me loose. Bleed me dry. Reel me In. Hold me tight.

Lies will tell. You your truth. Cause your life. Is untrue!