The Event Horizon

by Duncan Idaho

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Moon Records ||
Produced by Wouter Budé. Mixing and Mastering by Wessel Oltheten.


released March 10, 2012

Ivo Alblas, Jan van Zoest, Jip van Zoest, Tomas Stokman, Hanna Tollenaar



all rights reserved


Duncan Idaho Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Four gents and one beautiful lady from Rotterdam, The Netherlands. In other words; Duncan Idaho. Label them as Alternative Rock, frequently crossing over to the danceable and exciting pop music of the good old days. Think Arctic Monkeys and The Strokes, but do not be surprised to catch a glimpse of Fleetwood Mac among other heroes back from the sixties and seventies. ... more

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Track Name: A Life For Every Sleeper
Hold onto your pride and stand your ground.
Forget the dead on the track and leave your worries in a body bag.
Homeward bound but dreams they make no sound.
This isn’t life this is hell, keep your head up then you’ll live to tell.

Fixed one’s mind, be brave and dry your eyes.
Not even God is this strong but he will give us faith to carry on.
Every single man must pay a price.
For each sleeper that’s laid a human life has been our sacrifice.

We all die.
We won’t cry.
Hold the line.
We suffice.
We all die, Not tonight.
We won’t cry, At the sight.
Hold the line, Fear won’t lead.
Pay the price, Done our deed.
Track Name: Extrapolate
At times I hope things will happen on their own. Letting life just fix itself without control. Being alone in the decisions that I make, iIs making me the one I am today.

I don’t know about the people I'm around.
Put their lives in outer space and pull the strings.
Bending curves where the others walk the line. 
I don’t care ‘bout anything you say.

Won't you try to pull me under, 
I would like extrapolate, 
Don't you try to pull me under
I would like extrapolate.

Just looking forward,

And put it to the ground,
You've never noticed,

You've never noticed what you've found…

Being like all the people I’m around.
A deep desire but denied all the same.
Liberated is the state of mind I’m in.

It’s hard but I would never wanna change.

Won't you try to pull me under, 
I would like extrapolate.

Just looking forward,

And put it to the ground,
You've never noticed,

You've never noticed what you've found…

Wont you try to pull me under. I want to extrapolate
Won’t you look at me and wonder. He wants to extrapolate.

Don't you know we’re wide asunder. We want to extrapolate
Won’t you try to pull me under, I would like extrapolate.

You'd never notice what you found..

You've never noticed what you've found…

Not looking backwards,
 back at the things that got me bound. 
You've never noticed,
 You've never noticed what you've found.
Track Name: Vulture Of July
Tidal Wave. Paralyze.
It will bring me down so far beneath the surface of my own belief. Black envoy in the sky, it's the vulture of July.

Bring me to my knees, the silence is what resonates in me. Leaving me to bleed. The silence is what resonates in me.

Falling Stones. Muse will die.

Your eyes will blink, tell and cry the bitter meaning of goodbye. It is the vulture of July, skin and bones are left behind.

Bring you to your knees, the silence is what resonates in me. Resonate..
Leaving you to bleed, The silence is what resonates in me. Resonate...

Kill the faith. Resonate..
Track Name: Io
Every second you get stripped, a ton of feelings getting ripped. 
Yeah yeah yeah Yeah, Straight from your core.

Captured in a shield, such a strong magnetic field.  
X way to go. Your own space in a row.

This friction's feeding my appetite,
There's no reason to stay,
But I'll stay anyway.

Centuries like days, the same routine as always. 
Cruise control, Getting rid of your soul. 

There's more black than white in space.. You illuminate the shades.
The source of light, grows deep from inside.
Track Name: The Event Horizon
In this place where human eyes can't see.
Beyond the boundaries of philosophy,
I am... Roaming around in my head.

On the edge of wells of gravity,
I'm sheltered by a little empathy,
One day.. Far beyond its reach I will stay

It’s you… always pulling me through.

Mystified by your telepathy,
I looked at places that I could not see
before.. From The Event Horizon down to the core.

My eyes.. Beyond the stars are no lies..
Track Name: Last Miss
This is what we create,

It’s what we meant by fate,

This is to clean the slate,
(you know I don’t mind what you did in ‘98)

Let’s start it with blind faith, 

This is our last mistake, you are my last miss…

Pull up the night and go,

You do know I love you so,

Put down you grief and go, 

You do know that I love you so…

These are the ending days,
Let's talk about the sun,
(you know I don’t mind what you did in ‘98)
These are the ending days,
Remember my last phrase;
This is our last mistake, you are my last miss.
Track Name: Vaporizing Waterfalls
In the end yeah, We’re all going down

And what you think about love?

And what you think about life?

And what you think about the maker?

And what you think about..

Vaporizing Waterfalls

Leaking through the basement walls,

Nothing’s really here at all?

Waiting until nature calls.

And what you think about this?:
We’re in a giant petri-dish

One put some atoms in the mix

And watching us gives him his kicks,

Vaporizing waterfalls,

Doesn’t that sound loud at all?

Reality it took a fall,

Condensing in a fireball.

What if like there was any awareness in like a bacteria would your table lamp not look like the sun where his galaxy is your rug?

And what you think about war?

And what you think about sex baby?

And what you think about the Big? Bang!

And what you think about..

In the end yeah,
We’re all going down
Track Name: Spiraling Bridges
To walk, and talk,
To fight, and hide,
Walking the ridges.
On Spiraling Bridges.
For words that have never been spoken.
A bond has been broken.
Through grass, bent by skies.
No hellos, no goodbyes.
As you fade, I will rise.
One stands tall, one that flies.
To stand, in your shade.
To look up to, and to relate.
Drawn on blank pages.
To learn all things.
To be under your wings.
Deprived of my richness,
Spiraling Bridges.
We climbed on to the steps laid before us,
And curse the injustice.
Now, by crossing bridges and islands,
We´ve broke past the silence.
Track Name: The False Light
Pulling down the shades in the middle of night,
wondering why you are getting inside.

Peel off the heart, from the edge to the core,
handing me your truth to keep me begging you for more.

We spun around and thus the whispering commenced,
we held on tight to each other’s hands.

A rustling tangle of love intertwined,
two flew away, one got left behind..

The stars out there are only seen by night,
The darkness is a place for us to hide,
The fear of the false light has made you blind,
And where you’ll search there’s nothing you can find.

Moving horizons sweep the darkness from my walls,
Shadows coalesce but it's the light that truly falls,
Painting me a picture of thing that couldn't be,
How you turned away and let the other one be me.

Silent loss condenses in the cold,
Running down the past with secrets left untold.
Rivulets of pain that show the lie behind her eyes,
Thinking of his hands while speaking of the skies.
Track Name: Echolocation 4-7
Echolocation 4; The Marriage

Now don't you say that I'm the one, 
I loved you once but now you're gone.
The only truth is that you're free,
Escaped the dangling pain in me.
As I walked down the aisle with you, 
In spite of everything we knew,
The words we needn't even say, 
Will be remembered 'till today.
We carried on as burdens grew,
It just collapsed onto itself.
But legs are strong and life takes long,
Hope it was to what we clung.
Now hope is gone, and strength, it fades,
It just get's fumbled by our age,
And as we drown our lungs will fill,
With matter that we can't distill...

Echolocation 5; A thousand sights

Footsteps I track, follow around in the snow,
Where did it go? It's down below..
Digging my way, digging my way through the soil,
Of Sanity, It's you I see.

I pound and I scream, I fight and I lose and I see,
A thousand sights, that enter me..

As you shake my hand, and welcome me with your embrace, I lay me down, I lay me down...

Echolocation 6; The Flow

Echolocation 7; No more Indigo

In this seemingly endless hall where eyes are veiled,
By darkness that blinds, colors in bright lights prevailed.

Numbness, despondence and helplessness blends,
With bright colored lines that I follow round bends,
Yellow, green, orange and red lead my way,
For him to wake up, is all that I pray.

My tracks... they echo back from these walls,
As does my heartbeat.. all the way down the halls.
Yellow, green, orange... it frightens me so.
So far to go, still so far to go..

As seconds seem endless but tick nonetheless,
My breathing it halts, get's knocked out of my chest.

No more indigo.

The air get's so thin,
My world is so small,
I'll meet him soon,
And black lines are all.

The colorless glow pushes me against my will,
Inside this room.. where everything's pale.
White are the lights, that point at my friend,
I followed the black line past this one last bend.

In silence we meet, as it tells me your name,
I focus on sounds.. tell me we're the same!
The sounds do not come as it answered my call,
There is.. and will be no way out of this dream at all ..

It takes you away..

With arrows of rainbow this death hunts my soul,
It strikes as I look at your eyes which are closed,
Bright eyes that used to burn into mine,
remain closed... and will be all the time.

My careless existence in simultaneous flows,
Like the blood out your cold mouth down it goes.
The coldness will never leave colors anymore,
But you're deep in my heart. And this place, it is yours.